Tiny House Adventure

Living simply, it's not for everyone

Life On The Farm

Life on the farm…..

          There’s always something to do on the farm, and summer time brings the best weather.  Since Oregon has about 85% grey, overcast and rainy days, summer is always cherished.  People in Oregon know how to appreciate sunshine, and they don’t take it for granted.  When the sun comes out, people come out too! Around the farm, the fair weather is the time for maintenance as well as every day chores.  I  ...

Getting set up and started

Nature’s Head Compost Toilet

For the last year or so, I have been very aware of the gallons of water that are flushed down the toilet as sewage.  Water being one of our most precious and life giving resources, and the many people in the world who do not have ready access to clean water, makes me wonder why we ever thought such waste was a good idea. I’m all about modern convenience, but I can also tell you the concept of a compost toilet has come a long way baby.  ...

Getting set up and started

Preparing for the tiny house on wheels

I am fortunate to be able to have my tiny house on a farm in the country.  It gives me a beautiful place to live, and allows me to help out on the farm.  I suppose I consider myself farm help, and there is always plenty to do on a farm. The planning for where to put my tiny house, and how to situate the house, began well over a year ago.  In the end, we cut a driveway through, placed gravel, and put a “pad” for the house to sit  ...

Getting set up and started

Figuring out how things work

Once my tiny house was situated and leveled, the process of unpacking began.  I mentioned before how this was not an easy task.  Trying to find the best place for things was a challenge.  Another challenge for me, is I have never owned an RV and was unfamiliar with many of the normal things an RV has.  I found the panel for all my power, and a mysterious fuse box with only 2 fuses.  The 10 gallon water heater also escaped me.  The manuals  ...


Tiny House Living 101:

  July 3, 2016 It was always my intention to blog about my tiny house adventure.  I must note that time has gotten the best of me, and until now, I haven’t really written about the experience, but rather, lived the experience. It has taken me awhile to settle in, and as I discovered, I really needed to live in the space in order to learn how to live in the space.  Let me elaborate. I found that I needed to make additional space,  ...