It’s been interesting to see Spring time in Oregon again.  All year, Oregon  is quite green with all the evergreen trees and green grass.  It’s a huge contrast to the bare deciduous trees and brown grass that Tennessee and other states in the South have all winter.  So seeing Spring come into full bloom, the green becomes even greener and bursts with color.  It is almost sensory overload, and I truly love it!

We haven’t had many days without rain until about a week ago.  It was an astonishing 7 days of no rain, and quite a bit sunshine.  We also made it up to 80 degrees one of those days.  Now, we are facing about a 2 week period of no rain, and LOTS of sunshine.  It’s as though I have died and gone to heaven.  So much of the mud has finally hardened over.  I have gotten away with not wearing my muck boots in some places on the farm.  And today, we approached 90 degrees for the warmest day of the season so far.

It’s been wonderful to have new life on the farm with a new filly born.

The deciduous trees have grown their leaves back.  There are lots of blossoms, and the grass just keeps growing and growing.  I know that,  because I spend a lot of time mowing and weed eating.  But a riding lawn mower makes the chore a bit easier.

A walk on the property revealed some wild irises, which I found in abundance.

And my very favorite flower, the lilac, is in bloom.  I had a start from my mom’s lilac tree, which I dug up and put in a bucket where it lived for a year after my mom passed away.  I put that lilac in the ground  by my tiny house the very day before the first snow of the season.  I am pleased to see the beautiful blooms, which are deeply purple and very fragrant.  I never got to see my mom’s lilacs in bloom as their blooming season had ended before I was able to get back to Oregon for my summer break from school.  And now I have a special something to carry forward which was from my mom’s garden.

With the warmer days, there will many things to do on the farm.  Most of all, I will bask in the sunshine, as it has been a very wet and snowy most of the time leading up to now.  People in Oregon really appreciate the sunshine, as we get fewer days of it in any given year.

Until next time, Happy Spring!

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  1. Debbie Morgan

    May 23, 2017 at 3:25 am

    I can’t believe how any blooms are on your lilac bush! The color is amazing!

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