As the weather has turned cooler, I realized that I needed to get my store tubs down from the loft, put away my summer clothes and get out my winter clothes.  When I climbed the ladder to the storage loft to consider this, I realized that I really needed another set of hands.  Someone to hand the tubs down to.

In the mean time, I managed to catch myself in a fall, and have broken my left wrist in two places.  I have thought many times since then, that perhaps I should have simply bounced.  Anyway, I found myself needing that extra set of hands and then some.

My daughter and her friend came to my aid yesterday.  I was good to get the clothes traded out and things put back away.  I had originally thought that I would also need someone to change my bedding.  In an earlier post, I talk about the challenges of making and changing my loft bed.  Basically, you are on the bed while you do all the above.  It’s not a pretty picture, and it presents a challenge every time.  To my great surprise, my arm has continued to heal and now I can do many to the things that just a week or so ago would have been impossible.  So mission accomplished.  Winter clothes out and ready, and the bed is now changed.

There are many rainy days in the Pacific Northwest, and now is the season.  I awoke to the rain and wind this morning, and then to my great surprise, there was a clearing in the east which produced this beautiful sunrise.  It didn’t last long, and it’s rained a few times since, but my was it beautiful.  Here in Oregon, we never take the sun for granted.  Whenever it shines, we bask in the glow.


Until next time….

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