The Pacific Northwest is a rain forest.  Not the tropical rainforest we hear so much about, but it rains, (a lot), and that is why everything is so wonderfully green. The reason I love summer so much, is there is more sun and less rain for those 3 months.  Until next summer, the season here on the farm could be summed up in a word…mud.  I bought a set of mud rucks just to prepare, and now I’m wondering if my knee high boots will be tall enough.

To prepare for the season, I had my deck and awning finished.  It gives me a wonderful outdoor protected area, which effectively serves as my mudroom.  Keeping a tiny house clean under such circumstances can be a challenge, but the covered deck goes a long way to helping with the solution.

I have a set of rugs just inside my house, with the express purpose of taking care of the dogs feet, as I have yet to teach any dog to wipe their feet.  Two of the rugs, or rather, mats, are special, purchased at the State Fair.  They claim to absorb all the stuff on your feet without needing to wipe.  It has been helpful, but the dog can still leaves paw prints even after passing over these mats.  In all, they have helped immensely.

I also purchased a small hand vacuum, and that little guy has been the best lifesaver.  I did a bit of shopping around, reading the reviews, etc.  I haven’t had a handheld vacuum that has been this effective.  The instructions will say the vacuum is only intended to clean up small areas.  That would be my entire house!  I vacuum, then empty and clean the filter.  This seems to work best.

As the weather continues to be wet, and have thought ahead to winter.  How will I deal with the snow?  Being in the foothills of the Cascade Mt. Range, I’m sure to see mores snow than I have seen in years.  I say, bring it on, but I wonder if I’m really prepared?  There are things to consider as far as winterizing goes.  I suppose I will figure it out when the time comes.  So far, I haven’t had to use the heat too much. When I have used the heat, I have turned it on for a few hours to take off the chill.  It really has been very efficient so far.  The cold will bring the concern of freezing pipes.  Although the water line is underground, it still has to come above ground to connect to the house.  I’m hoping the insulation and heat tape will do the trick.

As I write these words, the leaves have turned and an occasional gust of wind will dislodge the leaves from the limbs and swirl them to the ground.  It’s beginning to look more and more bare outside, but still wonderfully green with the grass and the evergreens.  It’s still pretty, but when you go over by the animals, yes, the season is mud.  From now until next summer.

Until next time, stay snug as a bug in a rug.  Remember, you don’t melt in the rain, and embrace the day!

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