For those of us that live in the Pacific NW, we’ve come to expect rain.  I believe Oregonians have a better appreciation for sunshine that most people do.  We don’t take it for granted.  The reason for the title “Falling into Autumn”, is related to my desire for summer to linger longer.  Summer is the season that brings the most sunshine.  It is green and lush and even on hot days, it’s perfect to me.  This summer, there was only three days I felt I had to close the windows in the tiny house and turn on the air.  I did so for about 4-6 hrs on 3 different days.  Otherwise, the windows were open and I enjoyed the fresh air.

Now, the mornings are in the 40’s, and we warm up to the 60’s, and I have found myself turning on the heat to take the chill off my cozy cabin.  Again, for just a few hours, and usually in the morning when it is so much cooler.

For weeks I have noticed some leaves turning color, and some falling to the ground.  I have watched and thought:  NOOOOO!  I’m not ready to let go of summer.  My glorious summer!  I arrived in Oregon in early June, so really, this is the first time I have enjoyed an entire summer in Oregon since 1979.  That’s a long time.  My friends in Tennessee would look at me like I was nuts when I told them my favorite season was summer.  Of course, I’d have to clarify.  “No, not your summer in Tennessee.  My summer in Oregon.”  There is a great contrast for sure.  Tennessee is hot and muggy, and the nights might cool down into the 70’s or 80’s.  And the season is marked by fierce storms that would pop up with a deluge of rain.  When that was going on this past summer in Tennessee, my days in Oregon were usually topping off around the 70’s or 80’s, and one month went by without a drop of rain.

Like it or not, summer has ended, and we have fallen into Autumn.  I do have one advantage to look forward to.  Even in the cold and gray months ahead, Oregon will be wonderfully green.  Green fir trees and green grass.  By comparison, Tennessee is brown.  Brown grass, and bare deciduous  trees.  I always noted that contrast when I would fly home to Oregon for Christmas.  I enjoyed the snow capped mountains, and seeing everything so green.

Speaking of green, I planted perennial rye grass where we had dug the utilities because I didn’t want that to be a muddy mess.  I waited for what seemed like endless weeks for the grass to grow.  When it did come in, it seemed rather spotty, so I bought more seed to fill in those spots.  Now I have the green valley.  In fact, I have the green valley on steroids!  It seems that I have to mow that patch of ground just about every week.  I’m not used to mowing this late in the year.  The grass just turns brown and goes dormant all winter in Tennessee.  Hopefully, the grass growing will slow down soon.  I just mowed last week, and yes, it needs it again.  (Sigh).  Well, at least it’s not a mud hole!

My rocker recliner has been a nice addition to my tiny house.  It gives me that comfortable place to sit downstairs and makes my home a bit more livable.

The comfy rocker recliner

The comfy rocker recliner

The best addition has been the deck, and now I have an awning over it.  Basically, the deck serves as my mud room.  I put a hook on the outside of the house, and that is where I put my mud rucks.  There will be many wet and muddy days on the farm.  In fact, with Autumn here now, it’s already muddy, and yes, there is more rain.  It sounds nice on my tin roof, but it’s not too fun to get out in.  Rainy days are perfect for a cozy cabin.  And life on the farm is cold, wet and muddy.


My cozy cabin with my covered deck, and the green valley.


In the pictures, you might notice another addition on the deck.  Yes, the hot tub makes everything better.  I usually soak a bit every day, sometimes twice a day.  Life is good.

So, to sum up this entry, we have fallen into Autumn, and the warm summer sunshine days are a thing of the past.  It’s time to buckle up into the grey days ahead, and enjoy listening to the rain.  After spending time in the rain and mud, there’s always a nice hot tub to soak into, and a cozy cabin with a good book or a movie.


A lovely gift from a friend.  It adds a little color to my deck.

A lovely gift from a friend. It adds a little color to my deck.


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