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October 2016

Living In A Tiny House Space

Challenges that may come

As the weather has turned cooler, I realized that I needed to get my store tubs down from the loft, put away my summer clothes and get out my winter clothes.  When I climbed the ladder to the storage loft to consider this, I realized that I really needed another set of hands.  Someone to hand the tubs down to. In the mean time, I managed to catch myself in a fall, and have broken my left wrist in two places.  I have thought many times since  ...

Living In A Tiny House Space

From now until Summer…Mud

The Pacific Northwest is a rain forest.  Not the tropical rainforest we hear so much about, but it rains, (a lot), and that is why everything is so wonderfully green. The reason I love summer so much, is there is more sun and less rain for those 3 months.  Until next summer, the season here on the farm could be summed up in a word…mud.  I bought a set of mud rucks just to prepare, and now I’m wondering if my knee high boots will  ...

Living In A Tiny House Space

Ladies Of The Book Club Come To Visit

I have worked to get myself established in Oregon.  One of the first things I needed to do was join a Church.  I found just the place, and immediately went about trying to get connected with others.  There is a Friday Book Club, so I bought the book and joined the ladies for a time of fun and fellowship, and yes, the book too. We meet at various homes, and on this day, they were close to mine.  It was decided that after our meeting, those  ...

Living In A Tiny House Space

Falling Into Autumn

For those of us that live in the Pacific NW, we’ve come to expect rain.  I believe Oregonians have a better appreciation for sunshine that most people do.  We don’t take it for granted.  The reason for the title “Falling into Autumn”, is related to my desire for summer to linger longer.  Summer is the season that brings the most sunshine.  It is green and lush and even on hot days, it’s perfect to me.  This  ...