Some days, I wonder what I can blog about, and other days, I’m outside, doing things on the farm, or being incredibly lazy and hanging out in the loft streaming movies.  Lately, I’ve been streaming the Olympics (yes, I’m one of those Olympic junkies).  Without a TV, I am not getting nearly as much coverage of the Olympics as I would like, but I do enjoy the highlights and watch some of the live and replay programs on my devices.

So today, as I was getting out of bed, I thought of about what to write.  As I turned to get out of bed, the thought came to me!  Getting out of my bed is certainly not conventional, like swinging your legs out and standing up.  If you have ever been back packing or camping in one of those small tents, you may have the idea.  It’s a bit like crawling in and out of your tent, and subsequently, your bed.  Of course, I never liked putting clothes on while laying in a tent, and fortunately, I don’t have that to deal with that issue.  I simply go downstairs, and get dressed.

I realized the challenge of the loft when I first put together my sleep number bed in the tiny house.  The queen size mattress fits the loft perfectly, with almost no space on either side after the dormer cubbies on both sides, which I use like dresser drawers.  (They also conveniently double as a night stand.)  Putting a bed together and having to be on top of it at the same time, was a challenge for sure.  And although nothing quite compares to that experience, changing the bed seems to take a strong second place.

I start the bed changing process with the contour sheet, putting it carefully over both corners at the top of the bed.  Then I slide down to the foot of the bed where I do have about two feet of extra space beyond the foot of the bed, where I keep extra pillows and blankets.  From that position off the bed, I carefully repeat the process of putting the corners in place.  Next comes the top sheet, which I start at the bottom and fold underneath the mattress.  Then I try to throw the sheet forward to the top of the bed, and crawl and pull as I go, making my way to the top.  I attempt to fluff up the pillows, tuck the top sheet under the pillow of the side that I don’t use, and go back to the foot of the bed where I do the same process with the feather comforter.

I might add at this point, that for the last several years, I haven’t been big on making my bed, even when I lived in a regular house.  I did pull the covers up, and sometimes worked some wrinkles out or re-tucked anything that had worked its way loose.  As you can tell from that, a neat and perfectly made bed is just not important to me.  That has worked in my favor.  I do the same system here in my tiny house.  I pull the covers up and I don’t worry about the wrinkles.  My bed making now consists of pulling up the sheet as far as I can while in bed, and then carefully crawl on top of it.  That way, the cover sheet is easier to pull forward as I crawl backward to the foot of the bed.  I give the comforter a toss toward the pillows, and straighten it out somewhat, and I call the bed made.

One issue that did come up, is the tendency to bring stuff into the bed with you.  I noticed that both my dog and I, are guilty of this.  So, I developed a system of wiping my feet before I would crawl to the top or head of the bed.  I still sometimes have stuff that gets into the bed, and I brush it out when I crawl out of bed.  One nice thing that has also evolved, my dog generally waits at the bottom of the stairs until I am situated and then I call him up.  That way, his paws are not getting under the covers.

I do have stairs to the loft in my tiny house.  Three of the steps are working drawers, and three are cubbies for storage.  I find that I go the same direction up those stairs, facing up, whether I am going up as coming down.  For those of you with knee challenges, try walking backwards down stairs next time you have a chance.  You will find it is much easier on the knees!

When I first got the tiny house, I had to figure out what method worked best for me when getting out of bed.  I tried the scooting  toward the end of the bed on my butt, but that really took too much energy, and I couldn’t easily make the bed as I was exiting.  I’ve even done something that resembles a side stroke.  It worked better than the butt scoot, but gave me the same making the bed problem.  More often than not, I simple turn over (I’m a back sleeper), and use my forearms and knees to bring myself up into a hands and knees position.  This provides the easiest exit, but the challenge for me is to get turned over, and up.  The bed isn’t exactly a solid object–more like a marshmallow.  I sometimes find myself almost wanting to use my head and forehead to help me with the process, but that presents a problem if I have already put my eyeglasses on.  I would bend the frames for sure, and when they are out of adjustment, I really don’t see too well.

One person posted a previous comment about how I use words to paint a picture.  This particular post, is definitely one of those pictures!  All of this information will be moot however, if you happen to be a young, able bodied person.  That person would probably read this post and think:  “What the F—”  Yeah, well, I don’t use those words, but young people today think that particular word is a noun, verb, adjective, adverb–you name it,  and they say it.

Having said all of this, I can tell you that the loft is still my favorite place to hang out.  I particularly like it when it is raining.  I have a tin roof, and listening to that sound is purely heaven.  I am grateful to have a roof over my head, and all the conveniences of the modern world that I need in my tiny house.  I often feel like I am camping in luxury every day, and so I am.

Hanging out in the loft

Hanging out in the loft


Pepper likes the loft too!

Pepper likes the loft too!

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  1. Debbie Morgan

    August 17, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    I am very glad to hear the knee thing. I twisted mine and am having a time! As usual, you are a wealth of information!! I am enjoying “our” adventure as much as I always enjoyed “our” road trips!!

  2. Linda Slayton

    August 17, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Well I am hoping to subscribe to this tiny house blog. I submitted and it sent be back to make a comment and this is it. I too have a messed up knee too. Hope you are well. Miss knowing you are close by.


      August 18, 2016 at 2:34 pm

      There should be a word on the page to click that says subscribe. It will bring up a window for your information. You have already figured out the “comment” button, so you’re halfway there.

      I had a second set of injections in both knees before I left Nashville. I had really good results before. I’m afraid both knees talk to me a great deal. I mentioned the pillows at the foot of the bed. In part, they are there for my knees before I make the first step of the ladder. I never count the steps, and going backwards down them can be challenging as you wonder where that last step is. It turns out the bath mat I provided the dog for a non-skid landing, works well for me. I can tell when I have reached the floor!

      Isn’t it interesting how we miss people more, when we realize they are further away? Even if we see them the same amount? I can’t even remember the last time we saw each other, but I suspect it was the last music professional day you attended before you retired. Keep on reading, and I love to get comments!

  3. Bonnie Clement

    August 17, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    This article makes me appreciate my on the floor bed!
    I’m so glad everything is working out so well.


      August 18, 2016 at 2:28 pm

      As if you didn’t already appreciate your bed! I didn’t even go into the nighttime visits to the bathroom.
      It has been an adjustment, but it also hasn’t been that difficult.

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