I’ve spent a great deal talking about the farm recently.  That’s because summer is the best season in Oregon.  It’s  the season when the sun is out most often, and you have the best weather.  It’s also the time you get projects done on the farm, that have taken a back seat due to weather or just time.

I’m getting ready to do a rearrangement in my tiny house.  I had thought about that one piece of furniture I would purchase for the house, and more and more, I figured it would be a recliner.  I found a fairly streamlined recliner that is both a rocker and a recliner, and it’s comfortable for me.  I will move my cedar chest out, and put the recliner in its place.  In doing so, I will also have to become much more organized than I have been in recent weeks.  I have allowed my counter space to remain cluttered, and my floor space as well.  All these upcoming changes will involve me taking a second look at the storage shed, and getting rid of more of the stuff that I brought with me and didn’t have time to sort through.  The cedar chest will need to go in the shed, and everything will need rearranging.  I have so enjoyed the weather, and I have also procrastinated regarding the task of rearranging everything.  It must be done, and once it is, I know I will be even happier in my tiny house.

I’ll pause for a moment here, and tell you that I was mentally ready to move into a tiny house, when I realized that so much of the stuff I had in my house, I never used.  It literally was taking up space and gathering dust.  When I accessed how much space I actually used on a regular basis, I realized that was about the same space as a tiny house.  More and more, I was certain this tiny house lifestyle would be for me.

I am a camper at heart, and living in a tent is not nearly as comfortable as my loft.  And the bed arrangement in my tent is never as comfortable as my bed in the loft.  Luxurious camping, if I do say so myself.

Lifestyle Changes

I know that when one retires, there are changes that go with it.  I never imagined how quickly my life would change.  Although this move was always in the works, I look back now and I am a bit in awe.  I finished school August 26, and my house was empty and I was packed and loaded by June 1st, the day I left.  Now my house is sold, and I am settled in my tiny house on a farm in Oregon.  Talk about changes and adjustment.  So far, it feels like an extended vacation period from school.  The year ahead will be decisive in how comfortable I am with all the choices I have made.  I will have to get re-adjusted to the gray and rainy days of Oregon.  After I spend an entire year in my new home and my new life, I will know for sure how I feel about it.  Right now, I am loving it, and I have no regrets.  But I also see some early leaves beginning to turn colors.  Already I am thinking:  “NOOOOooooo!”  I am not ready for Autumn.  I want Summer to last and last.  Autumn is just the sign that winter is around the corner.  And after those long days of winter, Spring pops up with a renewed sense of hope.  Hope for better weather and warmer days.  Ah, I do love summer!

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  1. Deb Catron

    August 16, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Great Adele live your short stories!

    1. d4deli@me.com

      August 17, 2016 at 12:08 pm

      Glad you are enjoying them. I have always enjoyed writing, and I promised myself that I would one day, perhaps in retirement. The idea of this blog was born out of that. Thanks for commenting, and keep reading!

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