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August 16, 2016

Living In A Tiny House Space

Living in the space

I’ve spent a great deal talking about the farm recently.  That’s because summer is the best season in Oregon.  It’s  the season when the sun is out most often, and you have the best weather.  It’s also the time you get projects done on the farm, that have taken a back seat due to weather or just time. I’m getting ready to do a rearrangement in my tiny house.  I had thought about that one piece of furniture I  ...

Life on the farm

Something to do, everywhere…

I mentioned before that the State Fair is coming up soon.  In preparation, there is more activity toward getting the Gypsy horses ready.  The horse trainers visits to the farm are more frequent.  There is more attention paid to getting the horses washed, a little at a time.  Gypsy’s have lots of hair on their mane, tails and down their legs to their hooves.  Their legs are built more like a draft horse, and they are very gentle horses.  ...