I find that a few days have passed without any updates from me.  For that, I apologize.  Especially since I just figured out how to add subscribers to my blog, and some of you have subscribed.  Thank you.

The Oregon State Fair seems to be around the corner.  Labor Day weekend is the time the Gypsy Horses are shown, and we are gearing up, getting ready to take the horses down the road to Salem, Oregon to the Fair.  Once we’ve decided on all the entries and which horses will go, we will need to bathe the horses.  That in itself, is no small task.  One of the greatest features of the Gypsies, are their long mane, called “feathers”.  They have feathering on all four feet, long tails and manes.  The Gypsy people specifically bred their horses to be strong (draft horse legs), gentle and easily identifiable to prevent horse thieves from switching their horse for a lessor quality horse.  Now all those feathers, mean lots of scrubbing and combing and more scrubbing and combing.  The farm is a dusty place, so these horses have gotten plenty dirty.

Another task that has taken some of my time away from my blog, is the main farmhouse roof.  We are endeavoring to replace the roof, and that has consisted of ordering a dumpster, and then collecting all the dropped shingles and putting them in the dumpster.  It didn’t look like that big of a job, but oh, it is!  And having a dumpster on the farm for a few days opened up other possibilities.  For whatever reason, things collect and then you have a lot of stuff that needs to be thrown out.  It seems there is never enough time to keep up with everything.  So, I have worked at cleaning out the barn, getting rid of old plastic bags, and in the process, finding long lost treasures—-clippers here, rain hat there.  Stuff that disappeared a long time ago, but has now been found!

The problem with cleaning out the barn, is that it is dusty and dirty and rat infested.  In hinds sight, I should have worn a mask, but I am glad to say, great progress has been made!  There is newfound “real estate” (i.e. space) inside the barn, and now things are easier to find.  Hopefully, all this extra effort in the summer months, will make some things easier this winter, when it is cold, grey, damp and muddy on the farm.

You can find a link on youtube showing Blueboy doing Liberty at the State Fair.  Just go to Youtube and search for “BlueBoy Liberty”.  It will pull the link up.  For whatever reason, I’m not allowed to share the link here.


Blue Boy, the stallion at a past State Fair.

Blue Boy, the stallion at a past State Fair.


During Bath

Spice, During Bath (she was dirtier than this!)


Spice, After Bath

Spice, After Bath


And in an unrelated video, these goats are sure talkative.  That’s life on the farm!


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