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August 6, 2016

Life on the farm

The Adventure Continues…..

So, it was always my plan to blog about my tiny house adventure, downsizing into my 20′ tiny house on wheels for my retirement.  What I have realized since then, is that, true to my nature, I have chosen to multi-task once again.  My life adventure isn’t just about tiny house living.  It’s also about living on a farm.  Two adventures in one!  For me, they seem compatible, though I find myself having to adjust things in my  ...

Getting set up and started

Adding some living space

Having a deck built was not a big item on my things to do list, but when I first arrived in Oregon, we actually had some rain.  And that reminded me what the farm is like in the winter months—-a muddy mess.  Well, I’ve tracked the great outdoors into my tiny house for about two months now, and I realize that I will need a mud room. I am very pleased with how the deck turned out.  It has greatly increased my living space, and I  ...